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Redskins Training Camp Drills 7-26-2018; Recap Day 1 (VIDEOS)

Redskins Training Camp Drills 7-26-2018; Recap Day 1 (VIDEOS)

The Washington Redskins opened training camp in Richmond, Virginia Thursday morning. While the team will be practicing without pads until later this weekend, that didn’t stop several players from shining during training camp drills.

Below is a Twitter recap full of posts/videos from today’s first morning of practice at Redskins Training Camp in Richmond.

Redskins Training Camp Drills

Top Quotes From Alex Smith Presser

On if the Philadelphia Eagles changed the way team’s look at quarterback depth:

“I think the importance of the quarterback room – in general as far as depth – certainly the back-up – I don’t think can be understated.  You’re one play away from that. That’s the reality of this league. That’s at every position, but certainly the quarterback. So, I think the Eagles – yeah – were a great example of how important that is to have depth at every position, especially a guy who touches the ball every single play. You know – one snap away from that being the reality and it’s important I think to have a competitive quarterback room that’s deep and certainly guys that can play when needed. Absolutely, I think it’s vital.”

On TE Jordan Reed: 

“Really excited to start that process, like I said, I’ve watched a ton of film, played against him and I know what kind of player he is, you know, I mean, he is truly, truly unique, gifted special player, and it’s hard to put it into words. He is a unique guy at the tight end position that can do so many things – route running with the ball in his hands after the catch. He is often times the guy that it doesn’t really matter who’s lined up against him, you know, linebacker, safety, corner, I mean he is a guy that I think has the skills set to win against all these positions so, yeah, we just got to get him back into full.”

On his goals this season:

“I think this time of year – I think every team has lofty goals and talks about all of these end-of-the-year things. I think the important thing this time of the year is to stay short-sided. We had our first day; we needed to have a great day. I felt like we did that. I felt we had great competition – the only way that we’ll get to we need to be is through great competition here in camp. We’ll be practicing against each other for the next couple of weeks and we got to have great work, we have to make each other better. And from a short-sided standpoint, that trickles into pre-season and all this is gearing up for that opener. So, I think our focus is on that but really it starts here in camp. We have to have a great camp. We have to great work against each other. We need to make each other better.”

On the strength of his accuracy:
“Good question. I don’t totally know. I feel like you try to work it off as it to your game, we try to work hard at everything. I mean there’s so much that goes into playing quarterback. Certainly, I think a lot of times you’re product of the offense. I think I’ve played a long time now in the West Coast offense and that’s when you talk about the West Coast offense it’s intermediate to short-passing game, it’s an extension of their run game it’s timing, passing it’s spacing, precision. So, as a quarterback you’re asked do that and essentially you’re the point guard to run the system. That’s a system I’ve been playing in a while now and I enjoy it, I do feel like it suits me. But, it’s also I think a strength of the system and those all get tweaked certainly to your personnel and there’s different flavors and no two offensive playbooks are totally alike. So, but yeah I do feel like going out there and I got to execute each and every play and that’s all the different challenge especially based on what we’re getting on the other side of the ball.”

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