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Alex Smith Press Conference Recap 7-26-2018 (VIDEO)

Alex Smith Press Conference Recap 7-26-2018 (VIDEO)

Washington Redskins quarterback Alex Smith spoke with reporters Thursday. Below is a collection of tweets/quotes from the presser.

Alex Smith Press Conference Recap

Other Notable Quotes From the Presser

On forming chemistry with players that are injured:

“Yeah, there’s no substitute for just reps. I think I’ve watched a lot of the film a lot of these guys playing. I think here, hopefully as camp revs up. There is a system, I think, to bringing some of these guys back and continue to get work where you can. You know throwing with Jordan [Reed] on the side when I can – getting CT [Chris Thompson] reps here and there. So, I think all those are important. There’s no substitute for reps, and I think as those guys slowly get back into game speed, we’ll have time for that. So yeah, getting them in when you can and try to take advantage [and] make the most of the opportunities.”

On TE Jordan Reed: 

“Really excited to start that process, like I said, I’ve watched a ton of film, played against him and I know what kind of player he is, you know, I mean, he is truly, truly unique, gifted special player, and it’s hard to put it into words. He is a unique guy at the tight end position that can do so many things – route running with the ball in his hands after the catch. He is often times the guy that it doesn’t really matter who’s lined up against him, you know, linebacker, safety, corner, I mean he is a guy that I think has the skills set to win against all these positions so, yeah, we just got to get him back into full.”

On the skeptics involving his play:

“The longer you play, the longer you realize there’s always going to be naysayers, I mean you’re never going to make everybody happy, there’s always going to be people that aren’t with you. I know that’s the nature of the game, that’s the nature of sports, though to try to expect to please everybody or make everybody happy is unrealistic. I think you hear it. I’m not naïve to anything I think at the same time it’s not why I’m playing I’m playing because of the challenges that faces every single team right now and every single quarterback, and I have to be the best I can be for this team. So we can reach our potential, and that challenge is the greatest challenge in sports I think, and that excites me [and] that fires me up and fighting for that, so I love being out here I love every single day every rep out there going against the guys mixing it up. I think you understand what’s out there it doesn’t–like I said–I think you have a better understanding and grasp of what reality is the older you get.”

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