RGIII: “That’s a Touchdown in Every Game I’ve Ever Seen”

RGIII: "That's a Touchdown in Every Game I've Ever Seen"

RGIII: “That’s a Touchdown in Every Game I’ve Ever Seen”

During Robert Griffin III’s post game press conference following Sunday’s 24-13 loss to the New York Giants, he was asked about the touchdown that was called and then overturned before the end of the first half. Griffin’s response was direct, “It’s a touchdown in every game I’ve ever seen.” Griffin went on, “we shouldn’t have let that play alter the game…Unfortunately it did.”

“It was a touchdown and that’s how we all felt running in the locker room,” he said. “I have the understanding that the ball has to cross the plan with control . . . but they decided that it wasn’t today obviously.”

The play more than appeared to be a touchdown. Expert Mike Pereira claimed the play falls under the same rule as it is for receivers in that position. Which means Griffin had to reestablish control after bobbling it. This seems a bit off considering when Griffin went across the goal-line the ball was in between both of his hands clearly in his possession. The call cost the Redskins 7 points and tons of momentum. It also led to penalty’s against Washington following the reaction from the team, penalty’s that were enforced on the second half kickoff that ended up being a recovered on-side kick by New York.

“There’s going to be mistakes but you cant harp on every single one of them…you try to make plays and help your team win a game.”

When asked about the starting quarterback position, Griffin replied, “That’s Coach’s decision. No matter what he decides, I’ll be ready.”

Griffin was 18-of-27 for 236 yards passing and one touchdown, he also had 46 rushing yards on five carries

Below is the play before the half:

The call led to the Redskins bench going into a frenzy. Santana Moss was flagged twice and ejected from the game.

The official that threw Santana Moss out said this to the media following the game.

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