Robert Griffin III Focused on Continuing his Growth as a QB

Robert Griffin III Focused on Continuing his Growth as a QB

Robert Griffin III Focused on Continuing his Growth

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has lived by a few motto’s in his short career. Most will never forget ‘all in for week 1’,  ‘know your why’ or ‘this is for us’…this year Griffin has a new one. Most people say the NFL offseason is about the “grind”, Griffin is saying it’s about the “find”.

“You can call it the ‘find’ because you figure out what you’ve got,” Griffin III said after mandatory minicamp practice on Wednesday. “And I think we’ve got some good stuff.”

“I just think we’re all feeling better about what we’re doing, and being the second year in the offense, we know a lot more than we did last year,” Griffin III said. “For me as a player you always have to be confident. Sometimes you have to put a little swag on it. It is what it is. I’m just having fun with my guys. They’re giving it back to me so I appreciate it.”

Head coach Jay Gruden praised the fourth-year quarterback for his progression this offseason.

“Every day he is doing something a little bit better, and that’s all we can ask, man,” Gruden told reporters on Tuesday. “You can see that [he’s] starting to have confidence in the pocket and going through his progressions. That’s got to be a consistent theme with him, and not always is that possible with the pocket the way it is, but for the most part, he’s coming along at a good rate right now.”

“He’s got to continue to just play the position, and the more he plays, the more success he has, the more confidence he’s going to build as a player and the more confidence this whole offense is going to be with him under center,” Gruden said. “That comes with reps and that comes with time. I don’t think anybody lacks confidence with him as a quarterback.”

The Redskins hired Matt Cavanaugh as their quarterbacks coach this past offseason, and Griffin said the veteran coach/former NFL quarterback opened his eyes to certain methods both off and on the field.

“Just more advancements in watching films and different ways to see things and different ways to get keys on the defense. I think he’s done a great job helping me in that area, and you want to continue to add to your game every single year, and you could never shut your ears off and not listen to a guy with that much experience.”

“My base might not be the same as everyone else’s, but once I find that, and I have found it, I know what I have to do to throw the ball consistently and be consistently accurate. That’s what we’ve talked about and I feel like I’ve made big progress in those areas. Not everybody can make the off-balance throws but you’ve got to make your lay-ups – that’s what we say.”

Griffin said his focus these next five or so weeks will be on continuing “to do the things the coaches ask me and get better at that.”

“That way when we come back from training camp we’re not taking steps back, we’re continuing to move forward. I feel like we’ve all had great practices and great progress, so that’s all I can ask for and just continue to take notes and move forward.”

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