Redskins use Franchise tag on Brian Orakpo

Redskins use Franchise tag on Brian Orakpo

For weeks a lot of the conversation surrounding the Washington Redskins have centered around whether or not the Redskins should use the franchise tag on Brian Orakpo, sign him to a long-term deal or let the veteran test free agency. With the deadline for designating players for the tag being Monday everyone knew the situation was drawing to a head.

In the final hour the Redskins couldn’t agree with Orakpo on a long term deal but didn’t want him testing the free agent waters so they designated the non-exclusive franchise tag on Brian Orakpo, which means if another team signs him they would receive two first-round picks. The move will cost Washington $11.45 million against the salary cap unless the two sides can come to an agreement on a multi-year deal before the season starts.

What this does is give both sides a chance to focus on getting ready for the season knowing that Orakpo will be a part of the 2014 Redskins roster.

Orakpo told ESPN’s John Keim that he’s optimistic a deal can be reached.

Hopefully we get that done and make this work for both of us. I’m relieved that we’re moving forward. This is the next step. I’m happy we’re not in a stalemate like we were before. Hopefully we can get that long-term deal done, but as of now I’m glad to make this step.

There’s always risk when you play this game. That’s why the long-term security is very important to players. I won’t BS you and say it’s not a risk. It’s not something you think about when you’re out there. You want to make sure you’re secure, especially when it’s your time and your contract is up. I’m excited … they’re not letting a home-grown talent just walk out there.

The talk around Redskins Park has been that the defense plans to “unleash” their pass-rushers more this next coming season after a few years of dropping the linebackers back in coverage more than most teams do…the idea is that it will lead to more sacks. That’s an idea Orakpo likes a lot.

That’s what they informed me not too long ago. We’ll see what happens. I know they have a lot in store letting the chains off a little bit and we’re able to get after it and make more plays. I’m excited.

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