RG3: “I saw an Opportunity to fly, so I got out my Wings and Tried to fly” (GIF)

RG3 Tries to Fly

With the score tied and facing a third-and-long, Robert Griffin III took off to the left. As choice may have it, he could have just played it safe and ran out of bounds. But in a move to get the first down, Griffin took to the air, got suplexed into the ground, and earned the Washington Redskins the first down.

“I just had to make a decision,” he said during his press conference. “A lot of people criticize me for some of that stuff all the time. I could have went out of bounds, and and we’d have been short of the first down. I saw an opportunity to fly, so I [got out] my wings and tried to fly. I hit the ground pretty hard.

“People, we really can’t fly,” he then told reporters. “Really. No matter how much we dream about it. But I just saw the opportunity. And at that point in the game I felt like we needed it, and that’s why I took it.”


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