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Kirk Cousins Expects RG3 to Return Faster Than the Average Person

Kirk Cousins Expects RG3 to Return Faster Than the Average Person

Kirk Cousins Expects RG3 to Return Faster Than the Average Person

Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins expects Robert Griffin III to recover from surgery on his right knee “faster than the average person” and is looking forward to being the Redskins starting quarterback until Griffin is ready to go.

“We don’t know what’s gonna happen,” Cousins told The Free Lance-Star by phone Wednesday afternoon. “We don’t know what my role’s gonna be next fall, quite yet, and the hope is that Robert can get healthy as quick as possible and be ready to go Week 1, but we just don’t know. So, I’m going to take it one day at a time, and take advantage of every opportunity that I have between now and the day Robert comes back at 100 percent.”

“From all I can hear and gather, he’s doing very well and working very hard,” Cousins said. “It’s no surprise. I do expect him to come back faster than the average person, but I also expect him and the doctors and the coaches to be very cautious with someone that valuable because I think it’s more important for Robert to be strong and stable 10 years from now than it is [for him to be] strong and stable in 10 weeks. I think they want to be cautious and keep the long view in mind.”

Cousins said jokingly that he wouldn’t urge RG3 to take his time returning to the field just so he could spend more time as the Redskins starting quarterback.

“You know, Robert’s a competitor, and if he can be out there, he wants to be out there, which is why he was in there against Seattle,” Cousins said. “That’s a credit to him. I don’t think you win [Offensive] Rookie of the Year if you don’t have that in you. But it’s just a matter of what’s wise and what’s best for the long run, and that will be a decision that’s made, you know, out of my hands and by Robert and the coaches and the medical staff.”

Not even Kirk knows when RG3 will be cleared to play, saying he wouldn’t be surprised if Griffin is a game-time decision before the first game this year. яндекс

“I don’t know when I’ll find out,” he said. “I bet it will come down to a matter of hours before the [first] game, but either way, I’ve got to be ready.”

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