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Redskins Notes & Quotes 9-28-2014

There is Plenty of Blame to go Around With the 2014 Redskins

Redskins Notes & Quotes 9-28-2014

– In the third quarter of Thursday’s game, Alfred Morris scored his third rushing touchdown of the season on a 20-yard run. The rushing touchdown was the 23rd of Morris’ career, tying him with Cliff Battles for eighth in franchise history.

– Linebacker Ryan Kerrigan recorded his league-leading fifth sack of the season Thursday, dropping Giants quarterback Eli Manning for a five-yard loss in the second quarter. The sack moved Kerrigan past Bruce Smith (29.0) into eighth on the Redskins all-time sack list (29.5).

– The Redskins announced on Saturday that they have waived linebacker Gabe Miller and nose tackle Robert Thomas.

Miller played in each game this season (mostly on special teams), he only registered one tackle. Thomas was just promoted from the practice squad earlier this week in a move that filled the last spot on the Redskins 53-man roster heading into the New York game.

In all likelihood the Redskins are clearing up roster spots to bring some of their injured players back.

– DeAngelo Hall had successful Achilles surgery on Saturday. He tweeted out the following:

– On Friday night NFL Network did a special on the life of former Redskins safety Sean Taylor. If you missed the presentation or want to watch “Sean Taylor: A Football Life” again CLICK HERE to watch the full show.

Native American Redskins Nation is speaking up for what matters. They love the ‪‎Redskins ‬and they want the government to focus on what’s important to them. To voice their opinion they have started a petition aimed at telling politicians to stop wasting government resources on taking a teams name away when several real issues exist. You can CLICK HERE to go sign the petition and stand with them.


Ryan Clark – On preparing for the Seattle Seahawks:

“You know, it is what it is. This one’s over. I mean, what can you do? We’ve got to come back and go to work. Right now, our focus can’t be Seattle. Our focus has to be the Washington Redskins. It has to be, ‘How much better can we get? How many things can we fix in the time that we have?’”

Chris Baker – On the team’s 10 sacks against Jacksonville and one sack in the other three games:

“That’s how the NFL is – one day you’re on top, the next day you have to grind. Every game we’re not going to get 10 sacks, but we’ve got to do our best to put them in those situations where you get after them. And when it’s our time to get after them, you get after them. But we didn’t get the job done today. We give our hats off to the Giants, but we’ll see them later on in the year and hopefully get some revenge.”

Jay Gruden – On if Cousins’ performance on Thursday was worrisome after his performances the previous two weeks:

“It’s worrisome – you have to take the game for what it is. We lost the game, he didn’t play very well, he threw four picks, we understand that, and a fumble, but he didn’t have a lot of help, either. There weren’t a lot of people – the defense didn’t help him out, the offensive line didn’t help him out, the receivers didn’t help him out. There’s a lot of other factors that we could have had better game, a better outing, if other people were helping more. It’s not just Kirk. Kirk, his mistakes are magnified obviously, but there are other guys who had mistakes that were equally important and devastating to the football game. We just have to continue to work to get better, and we will, but we’re not going to hold Kirk’s head under the water right now. We’re going to keep him composed and getting better, and he’s going to be fine next week.”

Jay Gruden – On why this team would need ‘a slap in the face’:

“That’s a good question. We’ve had some success a little bit. We went to Philadelphia, they played hard, lost 37-34. We had a lot of things go wrong as far as some unfortunate mistakes. But, you know, I just think that sometimes you need a beating like this to let people know that you have a lot of work to do. When you’re in close games like that and you win 41-10 with 10 sacks on defense and you have 500 yards of offense the next week, people tend to think that they might be a little bit better than they are and coaches included. So, despite being -2, I just think that now that we’re 1-3, reality check has come in full force and we don’t have a choice now. There’s no wasted reps now. We have to take advantage of all our reps and all of our time together to get this thing turned around because we have dug ourselves into a hole so to speak and we’ve got to get out of it quickly.”

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