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Saturday Slop: RG3 Must Succeed In The Run Game If The Redskins Are To Beat Atlanta; Garçon Ready To Go For Third Start

Saturday Slop: RG3, 'Skins Receivers Hold Passing Camp in Waco, Texas; Hankerson Will Excel With RG3 and Redskins

Saturday Slop: RG3 Must Succeed In The Run Game

Redskins WR Robinson: It was bizarre; it was scary |
“I started hearing everyone saying, ‘He’s knocked out! He’s knocked out!” Robinson said. “I couldn’t move. I was trying to wake up but I couldn’t.” Robinson said he was fine the rest of the day.


Redskins Final Thoughts: Week 5 |
The more I’m around Robert Griffin III the more I’m impressed, just by the way he is with others. He’s not perfect so I’m not going that route. But there’s a savviness that comes through in many ways. Even in press conferences. I’ve seen athletes who come across as, uh, too rehearsed, in fact some may have played quarterback here recently.


Redskins vs. Falcons: Three things I learned |
Matt Ryan is excellent throwing between the hashes and the numbers. Saw that in the Falcons’ game vs. the Panthersand then heard that the Redskins consider him the best at throwing in this area.


Meriweather Still Out; Injuries Force Redskins To Adjust Game Plan ” CBS DC
“The other day we knew Meriweather was going to play. We had a lot of plans for him, a lot of things to do. He actually becomes our third corner in a lot of situations so we had to scrap all that stuff. So, you’re sitting in the locker room crossing things off and thinking of things you can do, and we decided to go with [safety] Reed [Doughty] as the starter. It changed your plans because everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. Meriweather has great strengths because he’s an ex-corner that can play coverage. He’s a really good cover guy and we just lost that ability at the time”, said Jim Haslett.


Robert Griffin III Must Succeed In The Run Game If The Redskins Are To Beat Atlanta ” CBS DC
Make no mistake about it quarterbacks Cam Newton and Robert Griffin III are the future of the NFL. The game is evolving to a point where one day, every NFL quarterback will  be required to run like Mike Vick and throw like Drew Bees (some say RG3 already fits the bill).  Look for NFL coaches to continue to implement college style formations and plays into their respective gameplans.  The NFL will never completely resemble the NCAA, but it’s easy to see that certain collegiate staples are beginning to find a cozy home in the National Football League.


Garçon Ready To Go For Third Start
“You have to go out there and play hard and try to set the tone for the team, the offense and help the running backs get more yards when you’re blocking for them.  It’s part of the game,” Garçon said.  “You just have to go out there and give a great effort.  That’s what coaches ask for and that’s what we’ve got to give them every time.”


Redskins Music: “Shut-Up” (by Black Boo of Mambo Sauce) Week 5
Each week this season we will display a Redskins hype song/video by Black Boo @blackofmambo of Mambo Sauce.This week he brings us another classic “Shut-Up”


Video: NFC East Week 5 predictions – NFC East Blog – ESPN
Despite an inexcusably miserable record over the first four weeks, we soldier on with predictions for the three games on this weekend’s NFC East sche


Need to Know: Who has the better offense? – Rich Tandler’s Real Redskins
It all adds up to the Redskins being ranked third in the NFL in terms of yards gained with 1687 while the Falcons are 15th with 1461 yards. The Falcons have faced tougher defenses in terms of yards given up in their four games than have the Redskins. Atlanta’s offense has gone up against three defenses ranked 13th or better and the Redskins have faced three that are 19th or worse including the 30th- and 32nd-ranked units.


Morris has only one speed
“Alfred is very conscientious,” offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said Thursday. “He never feels like he’s arrived. He’s working every day in practice [and] walkthroughs.” Shanahan added: “He only goes one speed. We try to slow him down in walkthrough [because] he’s running as hard as he can.”


RG3 will need to set rookie record again
Prior to the scoring change, Griffin was credited with 252 rushing yards, the most any Redskins rookie quarterback has had in a season. As a result of the changes, Griffin now is credited with 18 fewer rushing yards. That makes his total 234 for the season, six yards short of Sammy Baugh’s rookie record of 240 yards.


Need to Know: Moss accepting his new role – Rich Tandler’s Real Redskins
His numbers aren’t off because he’s playing poorly, they are off because he’s getting fewer opportunities. After being the team’s primary receiver since coming to the team in 2005, Moss has taken a back seat to Pierre Garçon, Josh Morgan, and Leonard Hankerson.


Sacks lacking up front for Redskins – Washington Times
Through four games, the Redskins have seven sacks but none from their down linemen. Getting less production from those positions in a 3-4 defense is common, but linemen are determined to make more of a tangible impact. “I believe that the sacks will come,” Kedric Golston said. “There’s really no excuses, whether it’s max protection or quick throws. It’s our job to get the quarterback down on the ground.”


Redskins vs. Falcons: 5 Questions – Washington Times
Which defense will stand up? Atlanta has the third-highest scoring offense in the NFL, averaging 31.0 points per game. The Redskins rank fourth at 30.8. Only two games have a greater over/under than the 50 points oddsmakers assigned to this one. The Redskins’ defense is way better on third down (34.1 percent), though, than Atlanta’s (48).


RGIII visits Broad Run game
Because Robert Griffin III isn’t actually a real person but rather a cyborg sent from outer space to set offensive records and inspire teammates and make both hard-core football fans and suburban parents swoon, he decided to show up at Broad Run on Friday night and pose for photos with cheerleaders and assorted students while wearing a breast cancer awareness shirt.


HTTR24-7-Skins Podcasts & Blog – Episode 21: feat John Keim
Special Guest and Friend John Keim dropping by, with a lot of you guys calling in.


The Future Of The NFL: Mobile Quarterbacks –
The game is moving at a different speed than that of the 1960′s,70′s, 80′s, and even 1990′s. It’s a whole different animal. As defenses get faster, offenses have to find ways to subvert that speed. The solution? More speed. Ever hear of the old saying “Fighting fire with fire”? I’m pretty sure Steve Young and his 49ers used that term when talking about how to get around defensive speed.


Trent Williams, Fred Davis earn back Redskins teammates’ trust – The Washington Post
“That’s a driving force behind a lot of things that I do as of now,” Williams said this week. “I made a mistake, and I kind of use it as a learning experience. Of course, I alienated my team for four games and wasn’t able to be there. I was a captain at the time, and that made me feel even worse. This year I’m just trying to prove to them that I’ve grown up a lot and that’s not me anymore.”


Washington Redskins pass defense hindered by instability at safety – The Washington Post
But things haven’t gone as scripted, with Meriweather hurt and Jackson serving a suspension by the NFL for violating the sport’s substance abuse policy. The Redskins again are left patching together a lineup at safety to face the unbeaten Atlanta Falcons and their highly productive quarterback, Matt Ryan, Sunday at FedEx Field.

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