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Should Redskins sit Robert Griffin III This Weekend or Play Him?

Should the Redskins sit Robert Griffin III This Weekend or Play Him?

If you are a fan of the Washington Redskins and haven’t been stuck in a cave all weekend, you already know that the star quarterback of the burgundy and gold went down with what coach Mike Shanahan described as a “mild” concussion. As in any concussion case in the NFL, Griffin was not allowed back in the game once he showed symptoms of not being fully coherent.

Should Redskins sit Robert Griffin III?

Shanahan went on further to say that Griffin didn’t what quarter it was, nor did he know the score of the game. As in all post-concussion situations in the NFL, Griffin will have to undergo a series of tests to determine if he can play or not. Obviously, the Redskins want RG3 in the lineup on game day, but is it worth it to risk pushing him too fast and risking further injury? Some say yes….while some say no. Shanahan said today at his press conference that Griffin was looking fine, with no headache, and he’s not dizzy or vomiting either, which are all symptoms concussion injuries provide.

Those who are saying yes point at the fact that you don’t want Griffin to play scared and that you should send him back out there and hope that he has learned to slide or run out of bounds in those types of situations where he was injured in. While those who say no point at the fact you don’t want to scramble your rookie quarterback’s brain around this early on after the king’s ransom we paid for him. Both points are solid, so I want to ask you, the readers out there, just what your opinion is, sound off in this poll, and/or comment to give your opinion on this one.

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