2015 NFL Draft: Top Available Redskins Targets Day 2

Top Available Redskins Targets

The Washington Redskins were able to address a position of great need on day one of the 2015 NFL Draft. The team drafted OT Brandon Scherff, a player who should be a 10-12 year starter in DC, barring injury.

With the pressing need at right tackle taken care of, now the Redskins can focus on round two. Washington has several options heading into the second round, with the team’s most pressing needs being at safety and edge rusher.

Top Available Redskins Targets Day 2

Below is a list of possible targets for the Redskins on Day 2; keep in mind a trade-back for more draft picks is possible as well.

— Randy Gregory, OLB, Nebraska: 6-5, 235 pounds, 4.61—> 40-yard dash…Just a few weeks ago, the Redskins seemed poised to draft Gregory in the first round, that was before news of a failed urine test surfaced. The failed test at the combine was not the first for Gregory, who failed two tests while at Nebraska (he tested positive for marijuana). Couple that with a report that stated Gregory might not mentally transfer well to the pro game, and here we are with a former top-ten prospect still available in the second round. This would now be considered a huge value pick and would satisfy a need if the Redskins believe Gregory’s substance abuse issues are not that serious.
Scouts Take:

Tall with long levers and a lean, sinewy build. Batted down four passes in 2014. Stronger than expected at point of attack. Able to lock out and stay square against big offensive tackles and can whip most tight ends. Room for more thickness on long frame. Competitive and shows toughness against run. Can chase and limit outside runs with speed. Secondary motor to stay in hunt downfield as tackler. Explosive hips. Gets instant change of direction to hound quarterbacks in play-action. Played standing up and with hand in ground.

— Landon Collins, SS, Alabama: 6-0, 228 pounds,  4.31—> 40-yard dash…Collins has repeatedly stated that he has been a long-time fan of the team since childhood and is a huge Clinton Portis and Sean Taylor fan. Collins’ idol is/was Sean Taylor, and he pictures playing with the Redskins as a dream come true. If the thought of the Redskins drafting him is a dream come true, then last night must have been a nightmare for Collins as he waited and waited to be drafted. Surprisingly no one called the former Crimson Tide safety’s name in the first round on Thursday. Collins is considered a strong safety, but scouts question his ability to cover over the top. He may have been a questionable pick at number 5 in the first, but Collins is a value pick here.
Scouts take:

Thick safety with a no-nonsense demeanor typical of a Nick Saban-coached player. Decisive against the run. Gets high to low quickly and is all over the ball. Leverages running backs to sideline and keeps contain. A true sheriff against the run. Tracks and stalks ball carriers with patience. Hits the gas and explodes into his tackles with purpose.

— Eli Harold, OLB, Virginia: 6-3, 247 pounds, 4.58—> 40-yard dash…viewed as the next best thing after Fowler, Beasley, Gregory, and others, not as dynamic but is still a productive edge rusher.

Scouts take:

Angular with muscular arms and surprising strength. Rushed with hand in ground and standing up. Fires out of stance with forward lean, gaining ground quickly with his first two steps. Edge rusher who torques upper body around edge, giving tackles limited area to punch. Sinks hips, dips shoulder and trims the edge when he gains advantage around corner. Also has efficient, quick inside move to pressure quarterback. Memorable closing burst. Impressive, accurate hand usage with little wasted motion as pass rusher and uses hands to snatch and shed against run. Potential to be outstanding edge-setter against tight ends. Skinny and slippery through creases on twists and B-gap blitzes. Changed direction easily and will pursue like a wild man in space.

— Jalen Collins, CB, LSU: 6-1 1/2, 203 pounds, 4.44—> 40-yard dash…Collins is coming off a foot injury following a college career in which he only started ten games and opted for the draft following his junior season. He has the prototypical size, and weight NFL GMs want at cornerback.

Scouts take:

Rare combination of height, weight and speed. Has the foot quickness and twitch to trigger on demand. Uses soft, bouncy feet to change direction and drive instantly on throws. Has arm length to play from trail position and still knock passes away. Desired awareness in zone with extended playmaking range. Will make plays outside of his area and has speed to come across field to chase down a loose running back or receiver. Able to redirect from press coverage and will only get better with more coaching. Leaper with the ability to challenge and win 50/50 throws.

— Owamagbe Odighizuwa, DE, UCLA: 6-3 1/2, 267 pounds, 4.56—> 40-yard dash

Scouts take:

Absolute Greek God with the pads off. Shredded physique with very little body fat. Strong at the point of attack. Plays with desired anchor and strong lower body. Run defender who can close down creases. Gets off ball with good pad level and has potential to convert speed to power. Hands are violent and active. Relentless and competitive. Never gives up on a pass rush. Expected to be a core special-teams talent. Can play 4-3 defensive end or 3-4 outside linebacker.

— Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State: 6-2 3/8, 217 pounds, 4.41—> 40-yard dash
Scouts take:

Good combination of height, weight and arm length for the position. Former high school basketball player who knows how to keep defenders on his hip. Drives back to the ball from top of the route. Adjusts routes in space. Developed nifty inside release to defeat press. Comfortable from slot, using varying route tempo for separation. Tracks ball well. Good strength in hands and makes contested catches. Decent leaper who will climb the ladder for a catch or sink and secure low throw. Strong lower body and physical after catch.

— Benardrick McKinney, LB, Mississippi State: 6-4, 246 pounds,  4.62—> 40-yard dash
Scouts take:

Tall, proportionally built inside linebacker with ability to play outside. Has thick, powerful legs. Good straight-line speed to chase. True take-on linebacker who can meet linemen head-on or beat them to the spot and leverage his gap with above average play strength. Scrapes and stalks while using length and powerful hands to keep himself free and clear of blockers. Steps into hole and fires into running back, finishing with wrap-up tackle. Able to run downfield in seam with tight ends.

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