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Top Five Players I’d Like to see WFT Select at Pick 19 (VIDEO)

Top Five Players I'd Like to see WFT Select at Pick 19 (VIDEO)

The past year has been a trying time for the entire globe, including the sporting world. With COVID-19 putting a damper on pretty much everything in football, from NFL team meetings to the college game, all 32 NFL teams have had to deal with their own set of issues. None have dealt with more than the Washington Football Team, who changed their name, coaching staff, and front office.

As a fan and also someone dealing with changes brought on by the virus on a different level, those changes directly affected me. One major example: I wasn’t able to keep up with all the top college prospects like I normally do each year because several of them opted out/didn’t play. I wasn’t able to make any trips to scouting events as planned either.

Top Five Players I’d Like

The end result was one in which I felt lost when it was time to start looking over things for the draft; hell, this is the first year I can remember not doing a mock draft in at least 15 seasons. It’s just been a weird 15 months. That said, after doing a comprehensive deep-dive into things, I wanted to take a moment and look over the prospects I think Washington could very well select with the 19th pick in tonight’s NFL Draft.

The video below outlines the top five players I’d like to see WFT select with the 19th overall pick.

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