Brian Orakpo Says Vick is the Quarterback he Enjoys Hitting Most

Brian Orakpo Says Vick is the Quarterback he Enjoys Hitting the Most

Brian Orakpo Says Vick is the Quarterback he Enjoys Hitting Most

Redskins linebacker Brian Orakpo has been doing the rounds on NFL Network this week, he was on the Rich Eisen Podcast on Tuesday and did a pretty good thirty-four minute sit in.

One of the questions Rich asked was “which quarterback do you enjoy hitting the most in the NFL”, after pausing for a second, Orakpo replied:

“It was relieving to get to Vick finally to be honest with you. It was relieving man, Vick knows that I can’t stand chasing this man around for four quarters.  Then he’s in our division and you gotta seem him twice (a year).”

“The guy is just a great player as far as his speed and ability to make us miss, and his ability to throw it down the field, the guy is dual threat guy. He’s got a big arm, just chasing the guy around, we hate it, we just try to make sure we corral him.” -Brian Orakpo

It’s understandable that Vick is frustrating to an NFL defensive player, the way he moves around and keeps defenses missing him has left many players as well as coaches scratching their heads.It’s nice to know that the Redskins defense, which has been horrible against running quarterbacks the last few years, will now see a mobile quarterback in practice everyday. Hopefully that will lead to being able to match-up better than in the past.

When asked about the Shanahan’s, mainly being asked if the offense isn’t running right, how can the father go to the son and threaten him (meaning threaten his job versus doing better), Orakpo responded with:

“That’s a phenomenal question, but it’s one I can’t answer. You gotta ask Bruce Allen on that one, that’s a hard question. From what I see, they are offense minded coaches and work hand and hand together with each other. Sometimes I see them not really getting on each other, but more like picking each others brains, I guess.”

“As far as your question of getting on Kyle, there has been a little back in forth but it’s always like that on a football team. I really feel like a father and son relationship will benefit them in the long run” -Brian Orakpo

Can’t blame him for being politically correct on that one. Orakpo also spoke about how he believes London Fletcher is not slowing down at all, how he believes RG3 is going to be one of the great ones, Albert Haynesworth and more. Check out the full interview below.

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