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mike shanahanWashington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan on Wednesday updated the statuses of several players recovering from surgeries.

“We’ve got a lot of guys with treatment right now, a number of guys that will be question marks with OTAs [next month] because they’re going through rehab, which you typically go through this time of year. But I’m hoping everybody should be ready for summer camp [in late July]. There are still a couple guys that are question marks, but I think collectively we’re pretty close to being full go.”

All quotes are attributed to Mike Shanahan…

QB Robert Griffin III (right knee ACL, LCL, medial meniscus): “I think what players do, and anybody does, trainers, they tell you to look at the muscles and you see his quads and his hamstrings. You see him working out with weights, his flexibility, how hard he’s working. Everybody’s very optimistic and they say he’s ahead of schedule.

“Human nature is you have to let a ligament heal. You cannot force that. It’s a time frame that you’ve got to make sure that you don’t push it too hard, and that’s all we’re saying. We want him to work as hard as he can. Do what you can with the muscles around the knee but don’t do anything too quick because we don’t want to set it back. We want it to heal first.”

TE Fred Davis (left Achilles’ tendon): “Fred has made some strides. I think we’ll find out in OTA’s exactly where he’s at but he’s feeling good.

DE Adam Carriker (right quadriceps tendon): “I can’t give you a percentage—I can’t say if it’s 70 or 80—but he’s making strides. It’s much better than it was a month ago, so we’re going to let the due process take care of itself and I’ll update you the more I know.”

ILB London Fletcher (elbow, left ankle): “The elbow surgery went well. The ankle surgery went well. With the elbow, it’s relieved a lot of tension. I understand that with [head athletic trainer] Larry [Hess]. The ankle, he has already gotten in the weight room working out so, he’s doing well.”

RB Roy Helu (left foot/big toe): “He’s still a little bit sore. I still think he’ll be able to go here over the next couple weeks. He’s not 100 percent but he’s close to it. He did set it back about a week ago but according to Larry, he still thinks there’s a chance, so we’ll wait and see.”

SS Reed Doughty (foot; same injury as Helu, Shanahan said): “Reed’s close to 100 percent right now. I think he’ll be able to go.”

OLB Brian Orakpo (left pectoral muscle): “Rak’s 100 percent.”

ILB Keenan Robinson (right pectoral muscle): “He’s doing pretty good. He’s doing pretty good. Just like ‘Rak, it takes a little time. …I’d say Keenan, at least the doctors think he’ll be ready to go in about a month, so we’re hoping to have him ready for OTA’s.”

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